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Ablation Therapy: Arrhythmia Center Munich

Catheter Ablation Therapy

Catheter-based treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Most often diagnostic procedures (electrophysiological examinations) and ablation therapy are performed together in one sitting.

Catheter ablation therapy is the catheter-guided treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Usually, catheter ablation is used to treat arrhythmias with rapid heart beat (tachycardias). Ablation therapy may additionally be used in case of multiple extra-systoles, as well as in case of functional disturbances of the heart (arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy). The basic principle of ablation is to terminate unwanted electrical conductance cause by a single source, or an additional aberrant electrical pathway while preserving the normal conductance system of the heart. Ablation therapy is used when treatment with medication is no longer successful, or the side-effects of long-term medication cannot longer be tolerated. After ablation therapy the patient is usually cured. To deliver these sophisticated treatment options we have the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic systems available. A very important technical feature to perform this task consists of the electro-anatomical mapping procedure.

Electro-anatomical mapping displays the propagation of electrical conduction inside the heart

Modern Ablation Technology – Which Procedure for which Patient?

Electric  radiofrequenzy current, cryo energy or Laser beam energy are the various energy options that are available for the termination of arrhythmias. Each procedure has some assets and drawbacks and is particularly suited for special kinds of arrhythmias. Therefore, it is of particular importance to first diligently analyze the underlying arrhythmogenic disturbance. At the Peter Osypka Heart Center we offer, next to short-term ECG and long-term Holter-ECG recordings also the most modern "Mapping (diagnostic) procedures" (see above). Additionally, one of our main specialties is Cardiac Imaging.  The exact knowledge of the anatomy of the patient’s heart and the depiction of pathological changes allow the personal, precise and optimal treatment therapy. 

Expert Team - Osypka Heart Center

At the Peter Osypka Heart Center a team of internationally renowned experts are available for the diagnostic and therapy of cardiac arrhythmias.  Prof. Thorsten Lewalter is one of the world’s leading experts for ablation treatment. Cardiac arrhythmias is thus a special focus of the Heart Center. The name giver - Prof. Peter Osypka – is the inventor of today’s modern radio frequency ablation.  The team around Prof. Lewalter brings continuous advances of this technology and uses only the most advanced equipment.    

Cutting-edge technology at the highest level  

In the following we would like to introduce to you the treatment procedures for the most common clinical syndromes.  It is our aim to choose the most non-invasive and preserving methods for each patient. The team leaders at the Osypka Heart Center have many decades of experience and co-developed and established several new treatment techniques. For any further questions regarding diagnostic and treatment procedures we will be glad to speak to you during our consultation hours.

Additional Information regarding Ablation Therapy




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