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EN Herz-Check: Vorsorgeuntersuchung in München durch Top Experten

Prevention and early detection of heart and vascular disease

Arteriosclerosis remains one of the most frequent causes for death in the Western world (infarction, stroke). The disease often starts unnoticed in young adulthood. Once symptoms are detected (chest pain, shortness of breath, vertigo), calcification of the vessels is usually already well advanced.

Video: Gefährliche Gefäßveränderung frühzeitig erkennen: Plaques und ArterioskleroseThe aim for prevention and early detection:  to detect the risk factors and early forms of disease for each individual patient, in order to be able to initiate suitable countermeasures in good time. Our examination and prevention programs are made to suit Your individual needs and personal situation, and takes potential known illnesses into account. Our cardiac specialists are among the top medical experts in cardiac imaging and diagnostics. They work closely together with metabolism experts, radiologists and internal medicine physicians and cover the whole range of diagnostics and therapy – all from a single source.

The range of the check-up comprises a number of differentiated heart and cardiovascular tests that make it possible to determine possible early stages of arteriosclerosis. Echocardiography, stress-echocardiography and vascular ultrasound can be augmented, if it provides useful, with cardiac CT or cardiac MRI. With these extensive tests the individual arteriosclerosis risk can be very well determined.  Of course, if desired we can extend the check up at any time without delay. If treatment should become necessary our heart team will be at Your service at any time – 7 days a week, around the clock. Please contact us, we will be glad to answer Your questions. We do not perform rigid treatment programs, but only personalized care – this is our commitment to Your health.

Our Prevention Programs

PD Dr. Klaus Tiemann (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Kardiologe

Prof. Ley (Osypka Herzzentrum München) Top-Radiologe



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