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EN Vorsorge u. Prävention

Early detection and prevention of cardiac disease – please stay healthy!

The early stages of many cardiac and cardiovascular diseases can be detected using safe and gentle diagnostic methods. The aim of prevention is to make treatment of the disease unnecessary. 

Vorsorge Herzinfarkt und Schlaganfall: Beratung und Info am Osypka Herzzentrum MünchenToday using modern diagnostic methods we have the possibility to detect early forms or even preforms of heart and cardiovascular disease, long before a patient may experience any symptoms. In such an early phase progression of, e.g. vascular disease may be reverted or at least halted in its development. Gentle, minimally invasive diagnostics is one of the main focus areas of the Osypka Heart Center. Medical specialists in the fields of Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Radiology work hand in hand.  If treatment is required, medical experts for any procedure are available at once.

Every human being has a particular and individual risk for cardiac disease and stroke. Our personalized check-up examinations are based on this knowledge and thus there is no rigid diagnostics procedure. We offer examinations from one source and under one roof: short distances, fast communication channels, modern technology and a medical team with great experience. This way we can avoid unnecessary procedures, act quickly upon medical results and provide the best possible preventative care.

Should treatment nevertheless be required You can discuss possible treatment options right away with our highly qualified doctors. At the Osypka Heart Center You have highly regarded medical experts at Your service for all questions concerning Your heart and health. With PD Dr. med. Klaus Tiemann, MD (chief physician in cardiology) and Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Ley, MD (chief physician radiology) we have two internationally renowned medical experts in the field of diagnostics with a specialty for cardiac imaging. Both medical experts are board certified physicians at the highest level (Level III; DGK, DRG, DEGUM).